Net for fishing in pond at sea or fish farming.

All our seines are mounted in our workshop by hand

Knotless knit of European manufacture from Spain and Italy, impeccable quality and very resistant

Thread 210/18 (thick thread)

Installation of the floats 1 empty / 1 full (corresponds to approximately 20cm apart)

Purse seine mounted on a lead braid (a rope with a lead string inside), 20 <25kg / 100meters.

Loop at each end of the lead braid to be able to hold the net and pull it with the foot or the stick.

Reinforcement wire at each end of the net over the entire height.


It is important to know the depth of water where the seine is used

Purse seine (20mm mesh)

  • Filet de senne sur commande. Assemblé dans notre atelier. Délai de fabrication 12 jours.

  • Pour les sennes de moins de 11 mètres les frais d'expéditions de 20€.

    Pour les sennes de 11 mètres à 48<5