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Net for Pond

The seine is a very small mesh net, generally knotless so as not to damage the fish. Its use consists in encircling the fish to capture it alive without injuring it. The seine is mainly used to remove or empty a pond, a basin, generally used by fish farmers.

The upper part of the seine is mounted on a rope and floats, while the lower part is mounted with a lead braid.

The seines are selective, the mesh used is small


Mesh available for seine: 4 . mm side

Standard sealing of 30KG for 100 meters

Sealing on request possible 70KG per 100 meters

Filet pour Etang

bassin pisciculture-aquaculture
bassin pour pisciculture
bassin a poisson  sur mesure  intérieur ou extérieur
bassin d'aquaculture
bassin hors sol pour pisciculture avec hublot
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